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We encourage players to have an active hand in how the plot develops, so this is the place to get involved. If there's a plot you'd like to set up involving your character, or if you have suggestions about things you'd like to see happen in the game, feel free to leave us a comment here. We do have things planned behind the scenes, so please be aware that we won't be able to grant all requests, but we are happy to work with suggestions as much as possible.

Along similar lines, there will be a public complaint box that characters can find attached to the kitchen wall, where they can deliver any comments they might have to the powers that be. In all likelihood, requests will be ignored, but in some cases, when it's simple enough or suits the agenda of the powers that be, suggestions might be honored.

Just fill in the forms below and leave them in a comment.

For IC complaints:

For OOC suggestions:

All comments are screened, though IC messages will be unscreened as we respond to them.